What are you currently struggling with?

I’m struggling with…. my life.
If I could play a song to explain everything, I would say “Stop This Train” by John Mayer.

I don’t know why but the world seems being too fast right now. I need to slow down. Everything is happening fast-paced and I found myself struggling to keep up.

The time is ticking and right now I am working against it, now with it. I cannot manage. I lost control.

And I also know I am not even trying to keep up. I have a personal reason.

Here’s another thing. It’s hard to fight your own self. It’s hard to have a fight inside your head, between your mind and your heart. It’s hard to decide when your mind or your heart takes side.

I did seek for help. I hope I won’t drown away.

p.s It was written on 6th or 7th October 2016 but it’s already solved now. Thanks to you.


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