“List Five Ways to Win Your Heart”

I remember a friend of mine once asked me about this. And I still pretty remember my answer. Well… here it is

1. Do random meaningful things to me. Like wait for me to come home, tell me to be careful, say “text me when you’re home”, ask me things. You don’t have to do that but I really appreciate it when you do.

2. Talk to me about anything. Ask me to brainstorm. Involve me in.

3. Give me a chance and do not push me towards everything you like in particular. No one has the same taste as you are.

4. Initiate a good communication, because that is what a relationship needed the most. How could you be close to someone you never talked to?

5. Ask me to do things together with you. Open for suggestions. Sometimes I could be fun, though.

Hahahaha well this doesn’t sound like ways to win heart, it’s more like friendship tips.


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