List 5 places you want to visit

Five places? Just five?

Actually, there is way too many places I want to visit. And even if I get the change I will visit every existing place in the world. I want to travel the world.
Life is too precious to be lived in one place…..

But I think I could write 5 places I really want to see as soon as possible. By writing “see” I mean like explore and stay there for at least a couple of days, ok?

1. France.
I did visit Paris for three days but that was not enough. Plus, I was there when the November attack so I did not get the chance to explore around.
I don’t know, I think there must be something magical happening there. I have to go there again, immediately.

2. USA
By USA I mean like Washington (not DC), Seattle, Phoenix, LA, NY, CA. Damn it.
Especially to places where it used to take movie shots.

3. England
It’s where Hogwarts lies! Hahaha :”

4. Japan / South Korea
I cannot pick one.

5. Italy
No specific reason.

I can also mention some countries like Australia, Greece, Peru, Spain, Canada, etc.

Well I think I will have save a lot for 4-5 years then be gone for an adventure. What do you think?



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