Someone inspiring…

The good (and bad) thing about life is that you will never understand it completely. Just when you thought you have everything, you feel empty. When you thought you know everything, you miss something. When you thought you have enough, it gives you another.

I thought I had the perfect ingredients of life. All good stuff I already had.
I thought life couldn’t be better.

Turned out, it could. Even way better.

If there was a circle, I never stepped outside.
If there was a beautiful sea, I only stood on the beach.

Someone invited me to see those things. Asked me to try a whole new stuff I never did before. Showed me how to appreciate the life. Let me know the way life could be lived. That someone, changes my perspective of everything.

Makes me believe that some people could really change your life forever.

Call me obsessive and very possessive, but I don’t want to describe that someone. I don’t want to share.


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