10 things that make me happy

The topic is “list 10 things that make you happy.”

Happy? What is happy?

But here it is.

1. Driving alone around the city at night. Seeing the citylights and all the complexity of world, feeling so small to be a part of this massive relationship.

2. Listening to good music with a good friend (or some good friends), especially when they have the same taste as you are and you have not met them for a long time. You must be having a lot of stories to tell them. The excitement.

3. Watching a really good movie, especially when you can relate it to a part of your life. After the movie ends, usually I feel sad.

4. Finishing a really nice book. Similar to the movie, after the books end, usually I feel sad and often find myself gasping for fresh air (haha that is too dramatic)

5. Walking around to a place where I am 100% sure no one knows me. So I can pretend that I don’t understand the language, or even pretending to be a tourist. That is one of the best feeling!

6. Sleeping after a very long day. Feeling very productive yet so exhausted, then go to sleep.

7. Taking a shower after a hard work.

8. Having a walk with a good friend. A nice conversation with a friend with a good mind, means very much to me.

9. Having a really nice dream! Sadly it does not happen often to me. I always find myself too busy sleeping.

10. Laughing out loud because of stupid things with my sister and my brother until tears running down and face getting red.

That’s it.


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